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Dec 2, 2013

WCG Energy President and CEO Serge Gharibian will be speaking at the Platts 14th Annual Caribbean Energy conference on January 21, 2014 at the Hilton Miami Downtown, in Miami, Florida. He will be describing the steps and criteria of comprehensive assessments and considerations in developing solar photovoltaic projects.

Founded in 1909, Platts is a leading global provider of energy petrochemicals, metals and agriculture information and  premier source of benchmark prices for the physical and future markets. Platts’ news, pricing, analytics, commentary and conferences help customers make better-informed trading and business decisions and help the markets operate with greater transparency and efficiency. The Caribbean Energy Conference concentrates on regulatory and financial challenges facing thermal and renewable options and projects in the Caribbean.

More information on the conference website.


Feb 4, 2013
The National Energy Commission (CNE) and the U.S.-based company WCG Energy recently signed an agreement to install a solar power plant with solar panels with a capacity of 50 megawatts (50MW) in Monte Plata province (east).

The project to be built in the coming months at Mata de Palma township, 50 kilometers northeast of Santo Domingo, will cost an estimated US$180 million and will create more than 600 direct jobs.

CNE president Enrique Ramirez signed the agreement with Serge Gharibian WCG CEO and chief Energy board of the Washington Capital Global Finance Inc., based in United States.

Ramirez stressed the project’s strategic importance for the area’s development, and affirmed that having model in the global energy market would make Dominican authorities proud.

Source: Dominican Republic Live

Our services offered include:

  • Solar energy project financing
  • Wind farm financing
  • Hydroelectric power plant financing
  • Geothermal energy financing/ coming soon
  • BioFuel plant financing/ coming soon

You may contact us for a no-charge initial evaluation and suggestions for your energy projects.

At Washington Capital Global, our goal is to structure successful funding for your energy project. Our success in alternative energy financing is achieved by our unique approach. We can achieve:

  • In-depth analysis of your project needs
  • Identification of critical issues
  • Issue mitigation and resolution
  • Determination of structured financing
  • Maximizing and leveraging with minimum equity requirement due to funding source relationships and expertise.

We partner with private equity funds, public companies, capital markets, hedge funds, government agencies, banks, and financial institutions. However we are not simply financing matchmakers. Our technical experts will work closely with you to evaluate and enhance your project’s viability, thus enabling you to obtain adequate financing for your projects.

Partner for Success in Renewable Energy

Washington Capital Global Finance is the source for your energy projects

  • Manufacture of  biofuels, ethanol products
  • Geothermal plants
  • Eco-friendly oil refineries
  • Environmentally safe photovoltaic projects
  • Wind Farm projects
  • Hydro Electric power plants

Renewable & Alternative Energy Financing Parameters

Washington Capital Global Finance understands  how to effectively underwrite energy projects ranging in size from $2million to over $500 million dollars. Financing strategies and considerations include:

  • Financing through direct equity investments
  • Hedge funds and financial institutions
  • A combination of debt and equit
  • Investment funds.
  • Direct project investment covering 100% of costs only
  • Investment dollars from more than one equity partner to cover all development costs
  • Predevelopment (PD) costs may be included
  • Land leases, wind studies, and EPR permit
  • Costs may be reimbursable as part of the construction investment

At Washington Capital Global Finance, our mission is to support the control of carbon emissions, control the effects of global warming, and stem climate change. Washington Capital Global Finance is a socially responsible organization providing financing for alternative, renewable energy, creating a greener, cleaner tomorrow, while stimulating job creation in this difficult economic environment.