Hydroelectric Power Plant Development & Financing

Hydro Energy Plant Financing, design Construction & Development

Washington Capital Global Finance can help you:


  • Secure debt and/or equity financing:
  • For the constructions of  small-scale hydro energy projects from 1MW to 30 MW.
  • For construction of larger hydro energy projects of up to 200 MW or more.
  • For the build-out  of hydroelectric projects globally; and
  • up to $300 million Dollars.
  • Design and  conduct feasibility studies of Hydroelectric projects.

If you have a hydroelectric power plant that needs to be built or improved, let us evaluate your project and will tell you how we can support your hydro energy financing needs.

Hydro-electric/Hydro Energy Financing Program

Water is one of the globe’s cleanest renewable energy sources, nevertheless the development of a hydroelectric plant has significant risks. Environmental impact of the plant is  the primary concern. At Washington Capital Global Finance, we are looking for hydro projects that fit these parameters:

  • $2 million to over $300 million Dollars in size;
  • Land site has been identified and or/ is owned;
  • License or permits are available to be obtained from governmental agencies;
  • Experienced management team selected (or we can recommend an experienced team).
  • Feasblility study is done (or we can prepare it).
  • Power purchase agreements are in place (or we can help you negotiate such an agreement).
  • We can introduce  and recommend:
  • Turbine producers.
  • Pipe producers.
  • Construction companies.

Hydroelectric financing terms vary from project to project. It is our job to evaluate your project, from risks to strengths, and determine a financing structure that:

  • Addresses the feasibility of the project; and
  • Presents an attractive risk/return profile for the developer and financier.

We will work closely with you to mitigate the risks and increase leverage. Our underwriting experts and our realtionship with Capital Markets and producers and manufacturers will give you ability to get your project off the ground. If your hydro energy project is viable and fits within our parameters, we can finance it.

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