Washington Capital Energy is involved with hydrocarbon exploration services.

We employ state-of-the-art satellite mapping technology which can virtually assess a terrain for drilling potential. Using a network of global HD satellites, oil, gas and other natural resource reserves can be pinpointed and analyzed. This data is further checked and crossed checked for accuracy via various aerial methods and confirmed to be worthwhile.

If deemed so, the second round of tests are conducted on the target terrain, which collects detailed data which allows for the proper assessments of planning and executing drilling operation.

These methods have been successfully used in a handful of projects in Latin America, and are ongoing in locales further abroad.


By choosing Washington Capital Energy’s methods, the the process of obtaining certain environmental permits can be expedited, as our proprietary methods already provide detailed information of the thickness and volumes of the reserves. Most projects can complete such permitting between 6 to 12 months time.

We provide drilling for hydrocarbons including oil, petrochemicals, gas, coal, as well as a range of comprehensive services required for the enhancement of crude, and oil recovery/cleanup.

Our alternative methods are unique to the industry and guarantee results. These methods have proven to be effective alternatives to the expensive traditional methods in use today.

The results are of the highest quality, and extremely competitive within the international markets.

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