Geothermal Financing

Geothermal Energy Plant Financing, Construction and Development

Washington Capital Global Finance can help you:

  • Secure debt and/or equity financing for:
  • Dry steam project development;
  • Flash steam project development;
  • Binary cycle project development;
  • Enhanced geothermal systems;
  • Geothermal energy plant upgrade.
  • Geothermal projects globally

Washington Capital Global Finance can help you in your geothermal power plant that needs to be built, or improved, we can  evaluate the project, then  We will promptly inform you and support in your geothermal energy financing needs.

Geothermal Energy Plant Financing Program

Financing from $10 million to $300 million Dollars and more in you geothermal projects  around the world.

The Capital Markets and financing for geothermal energy projects have changed dramatically due to current world economic crisis. This sector formerly relied heavily on tax equity investors such as investment banks and insurance companies. Changing dynamics has led to the decline in the number of these investors available to fund geothermal projects. Even though some U.S. federal grants and European governmental subsidies are available—but what geothermal producers need mostly is private venture capital in order to get the project to the next level.

At Washington Capital Global Finance,  we can help. We are your valuable partner to the geothermal energy sector, because we bridge and create synergies between venture capitalists and geothermal producers. To  venture capitalist, we can bring attractive geothermal investment opportunities. To  energy producers, we secure an economically sound financing source for your geothermal project.


Geothermal energy is one of the most attractive, underused and under-appreciated heat and power resources currently available. We are here to guide you to your success. If you have a land site selected and entitlement in place then contact us immediately to get started.


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