Solar Power Plant Financing

Solar Power Plant Development / Construction and  Finance and Structuring

Washington Capital Global Finance help you:

  • Secure debt and/or equity financing for the construction of a solar power plant projects globally
  • Secure and finance  solar power plant improvement project; and
  • Secure from 5 million to $300 million Dollars for construction, acquisition or improvement of solar/photovoltaic plants globally.

If you have a solar thermal or photovoltaic power plant that needs to be built or improved, let us evaluate the project. We’ll promptly tell you what we can do to support your solar financing needs.

Solar Power Plant Financing Program

At Washington Capital Global Finance, we can help you in your projects financing needs. Our underwriting experts and our connections within Capital Markets can identify financing  sources, our feasability study review and /or preparation can increase your levereage in securing the project financing through:

Basic parameters may include:

  • Project size of $5 million to over $300 million Dollars,
  • Solar/photovoltaic power plant land site has been selected (for development projects) or is owned;
  • Feasibility study is done ( or our experts can help you in your process) ;
  • Solar Panel producers have been identified (or we can help your selection process and negotiation).
  • Power purchase agreement has been negotiated ( or we can negotiate a comprehensive and viable program.
  • Storage and transmission capabilities have been identified

Solar Power Plant Financing Process

Financing $5 million to $300 million dollars solar energy generation projects around the world.

We begin the financing process for Solar Power Plants with an in-depth analysis of the site, feasability, power purchase agreement and transmission line connection and the cost analysis as well as maximizing return on the investment of your project plan. We identify challenges and difficulties.

Contact us with your questions on your solar project, or we can begin the financial review process.

Current solar PV projects:

Dominican Republic 50MW phase1 plus 70MW phase 2

Southern California: 20MW