Wind Farm Energy  Financing

Wind Farm Design, Development, Construction & Financing

Washington Capital Global Finance can

do the following:

• Help you secure debt and/or equity financing

for the construction of a wind farm globally; and

• Provide in-depth analysis of the projects, including: wind studies, feasability and transmission line connections, identification of obstacles and solutions in securing financing for the construction of your wind farm projects of up to $300 million dollars for the build-out of wind energy projects globally.

Wind energy is a growing opportunity for green energy producers . The cost of electricity from utility-scale wind systems has declined substantially over the last 30 years. The most efficient power plants are generating energy at less than 6 cents per k/w.

If you have a wind farm that needs to be built, let us evaluate the project. We will promptly tell you what we can do to support your energy financing needs.

Wind Energy Project Financing

Financing $25 million to $300 million dollar wind farm project developments globally.

At Washington Capital Global Finance, our experts will work with your team to review and verify the wind sources, strengths and we will work with  designers and engineers to identify the exact location for installation of wind farm towers.

We will help you:  Prepare the pro-forma and the economic study of the project;

Negotiate the power purchase agreement;

Secure the sites and the agreements for purchase or leasing of the land;

By studying, evaluating and preparing the cost of installation and connection to the national grid; and

by introducing and working with the world’s best turbine producers and engineers to maximize efficiency, leverage and cost effectiveness, among other things.

As a principal, energy producer or project developer, you need to address your financing needs carefully, as the structure of the financing can substantially alter the economics of your wind farm project.

At Washington Capital Global Finance, we will be your advocates throughout the wind farm financing process. We know what parameters are required by the financing source and recognize your need for right financing. Let Washington Capital Global Finance help you get your financing.

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